Transfer Student Policy Changes

 These changes will impact the following:
        • The timeline for submitting an application for a transfer student.
        • The factors that will be considered when determining if a transfer student will be  
        • The date that payment will be required to be submitted.
We have changed these policies and procedures so that we may plan for and provide a quality education for students who are residents of the district as well as approved transfer students.
Current transfer students who wish to be considered for approval as a transfer student for the 2016-2017 school year must return the transfer application by April 29, 2016.  
New transfer students who wish to be considered for approval for the 2016-2017 school year must submit the application by May 31, 2016.   
Transfer applications that do not meet these timelines will not be considered.
In approving transfers, the Superintendent shall consider availability of space and instructional staff, the student's disciplinary history, attendance records, and academic records, including, but not limited to, course grades and state-mandated assessment scores. The District shall follow applicable state and federal law when considering the transfer request of a student with a known disability, including a student who receives special education.
The transfer fee must be made according to the following schedule:
  • On or before August 1, 2016-$550.00 installment is due
  • On or before January 2, 2017-$550.00 installment is due
  • Failure to provide the payment by the due date may result in the transfer agreement being revoked.

Please contact Carla McMillian at 979-542-2854 if you have any questions.