Proposed Calendar

The proposed calendar is attached below. It was developed using the following guidelines and priorities.
State requirements related to the school calendar:
  • State law requires that school start no earlier than the 4th Monday in August. For 2017, this is August 28th which is essentially a week later than normal.
  • State law requires that students attend school for 75,600 minutes per school year.
  • The campus schedules require us to attend for at least 174 days to gain these minutes while creating a cushion to allow 2 bad weather days that will not have to be made up.
  • State law requires teachers to work for 187 days.
Calendar priorities that were established based on campus feedback:
  • End school in May
  • End school on Thursday to allow for graduation and staff development on Friday
  • Provide at least two weeks for Christmas Break
  • Schedule staff to return from Christmas Break later than January 2nd
  • Schedule Spring Break at the same time as most colleges and universities
  • Provide a full week off for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
We would appreciate you providing some feedback on the proposed calendar by completing this survey: