Meal Prices & Charging Policy

Giddings ISD - Meal Prices
Elementary & Intermediate Regular Reduced
     Breakfast   $0.00 $0.00
     Lunch $0.00 $0.00
Middle School & High School Regular Reduced
     Breakfast $1.65 $.30
     Lunch $2.90 $.40
Adult Regular  
     Breakfast $2.10  
     Lunch $3.75  
GIDDINGS ISD - Child Nutrition Charge Policy
Outstanding debt resulting from nonpayment of school meals is an unallowable cost to the nonprofit school food service account and cannot be absorbed by the Child Nutrition Department at the end of the school year. It must be paid for with other non-federal (local) sources.
The District standard is that no child goes without a lunch. This standard is adopted by all schools in the District. School personnel will be pro-active with weekly parent notification for those students who do not bring sufficient funds to pay for their meal. Notices are given to students when they have a negative balance.
The following will apply regarding meal charges:
  • GISD school students will only be allowed to charge a maximum of 5 negative charges for meals on their account.
  • A student will receive the lower cost reimbursable meal on the menu after accruing $14.25 at GMS & GHS for full paid meals.
  • Proper notification will be made to persons who are responsible for payment.
  • Students must have money with them or in their account to receive regular meals and/or extra items.
  • A la carte items will not be allowed to be charged.
The District will allow staff members and their children to enroll in a payroll deduct program. Any outstanding charges will be deducted each month from their paycheck. A permission form for deductions will be required from each staff member.
All charging will stop beginning on the first Monday in May. This will allow the district time to collect any charges that have accumulated over the year.