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Program Description:
The program objective is to ensure that Limited English Proficient students achieve and master the necessary skills in an Early Exit Program. The goal is to develop competent students who are lifelong learners and successful citizens in our multi-cultural society. Bilingual/ESL education emphasizes the mastery of English language skills and content area concepts, in order for students to be able to participate effectively in the regular education classroom.

Eligibility Criteria:
All students identified as (LEP) Limited English Proficient based on their home language and the results of an oral language proficiency test are placed into a Bilingual or ESL class upon parent approval.
Services Offered:
Bilingual Education is provided to eligible students in grades PK-5. In Bilingual Education,  instruction is provided in the native language in order to build a solid foundation and transition to English. ESL (English as a Second Language) instruction is provided for eligible students in grades 6-12.  Students receive services for support of their second language acquisition. In secondary ESL Programs , English instruction is provided to support the second language learner.