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Gifted and Talented

The Giddings Independent School District is committed to providing an appropriate education for all children, to developing and educating each student’s ability to excel to his/her potential, and to achieving equity and quality in district services.


We believe that the district has an obligation to develop each student’s individual gifts and talents through differentiated instructional provisions that are aligned with and enrich the regular classroom curriculum.  We are dedicated to challenging the Gifted and Talented student to think critically, creatively, and enrich problem-solving opportunities.  Identification and selection criteria will be applied to ensure equal opportunities for participation in Gifted and Talented services.


Students who participate in services designed for gifted students will demonstrate skills in self-directed learning, thinking, research, and communication as evidenced by the development of innovative products and performances that are advanced in relation to students of similar age, experience, or environment and reflect individuality and creativity. High school graduates who have participated in services for gifted students will have produced products and performances of

professional quality as part of their program services.


Nominations are now being accepted for the identification of Gifted and Talented students for the 2019-2020 school year. Please click the link below to download the form to nominate a child for the screening process.