Curriculum Instruction Activities:

The Curriculum & Instruction Department started off 2015 with several important professional development sessions based on needs that have been identified in the district:
January 19, 2015:

Sheltered Instruction Plus 

Educators looking for strategies to increase achievement for English Language Learners in content-area classrooms should attend this training. Sheltered Instruction Plus emphasizes research-based strategies to help students improve their comprehension and academic English communication skills. The templates and resources provided help teachers plan and implement a practical approach to instructing English Language Learners. Participants will receive the book, Sheltered Instruction Plus, a compilation of strategies and techniques to use when integrating the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) in a sheltered approach. 

Presenter:  John Siedlitz

Differentiation, Accommodations, and Modifications

ESC 13 will provide training for teachers grades K-12 over differentiation, accommodations, and modifications, the difference between each of the terms and implementation of each of the terms in the classroom. The specialists will also connect to allowable and embedded accommodations for STAAR and STAAR A.

Presenter: JC Sanders, ESC XIII


February 16, 2015

Green Light Strategies, Part 2

Based on his research into brain-based learning and a 25 year career in education, Rich has developed new teaching strategies that make academic content relevant, interesting and highly memorable. He calls these techniques 'Green Light' strategies; simply meaning that they offer a different approach from traditional 'chalk and talk' methodologies. Used by teachers throughout the world, his strategies are proven to: lift academic results, improve classroom discipline, and foster creativity. They are particularly effective for today's students - increasingly influenced by massive stimulation from their contact with the online world - who often disengage in a traditional classroom environment. Teachers find them valuable, inspirational and enjoyable.

Presenter: Dr. Rich Allen