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Staff Development
Date: 2/16/2015
GISD Board Meeting
Date: 2/19/2015, 7 PM
End of the 4th Six Weeks
Date: 2/20/2015
Beginning of the 5th Six Weeks
Date: 2/23/2015
School Holiday
Date: 3/9/2015

News and Announcements

Giddings ISD Attendance
Despite the fact that winter is known for cold and flu season, attendance in Giddings I.S.D. has only seen a slight decrease since we have returned from the Christmas Holidays.

GISD Attendance Rates - January 6-23, 2015
Giddings High School - 94.52%
Giddings Middle School - 96.19%
Giddings Intermediate School - 96.08%
Giddings Elementary School - 95.18%
Giddings I.S.D. - 95.29%

GISD Attendance Rate - August 2014 - January 2015
Giddings High School - 96.69%
Giddings Middle School - 96.96%
Giddings Intermediate School - 97.10%
Giddings Elementary School - 96.11%
Giddings I.S.D. - 96.62%

We appreciate parents for stressing the importance of school attendance as statistics show that students with good attendance typically have better grades in school.

We also would like to stress that if your child develops the symptoms of the flu please notify your family physician immediately and keep them home from school. As always, the health and safety of our students is our number one priority.
January is School Board Recognition Month
January 2015 is School Board Recognition Month—a great time to focus on the crucial role the elected board of trustees plays in our communities and schools. Please take some time to show our school board members you appreciate their dedication and hard work.

Giddings ISD would like to take this opportunity to thank these local leaders for devoting time to serving our local schools as well as supporting our students and staff. Thank You, Mr. Mark Johnson, Mrs. Pat Jackson, Mrs. Mary Ellen Whitsel, Mr. Roy Kruemcke, Mr. Martin Rangel, and Mr. Spencer Schneider for your service.