Giddings ISD appreciates the support that is provided by our community. Taxpayers in our community do an outstanding job of providing funds for our schools. However, it may be necessary to supplement this funding from time to time to enhance programs and opportunities we are able to offer to our students.

Administrative regulations related to fundraising include the following:

  • All fundraisers including the solicitation of donations must be approved by campus and district administration.

  • Fundraisers must be planned in advance and the purpose of the fundraiser must be clear.

  • Prior to approval, the budget must be evaluated to determine if the fundraiser is necessary.

  • Approval of fundraisers must be obtained using the appropriate district approval form.

  • The solicitation of the donation of funds will only be approved in rare cases. The solicitation of donations using an online platform (known as "crowdfunding") will not be approved.

  • Participation in fundraisers shall be voluntary and shall be approved only when the fundraiser relates to the District's educational mission.

  • All donations solicited on behalf of the District, including solicitations in the name of the District or campus, or donations solicited using District or campus resources, become the sole property of the District.

  • Companies and outside vendors selected to assist with fundraisers must be researched and determined to be reputable.

  • Students and employees represent their school or the District when participating in approved fundraising to benefit the District, campus, a sports team, club, organization or nonschool charity. 

  • Parents may opt-out of any fundraiser. 

  • Parents also have the option to donate to the fundraiser instead of allowing their child to participate in a fundraiser or sell items.

Only fundraisers listed on the Giddings ISD Fundraiser Calendar below have been approved by the campus and district administration: 

Google Calendar View -- Click on Fundraisers for Details