Giddings ISD update to Parents

Giddings ISD administrators are closely monitoring the increase in COVID cases across the area.  Our plan is to continue to maintain normal school operations as we have for previous seasonal illness outbreaks.

Each campus is monitored closely for any attendance or staffing issues that might be related to illness. Any decision to close school would be considered on a campus-by-campus basis, and would be dependent on the availability of staff. All personnel resources, both permanent and temporary, will be utilized in order to continue to provide the best learning opportunities for our students. Virtual learning is not an option in lieu of closure because GISD would not receive credit for attendance or funding under current TEA guidelines.

Although some CDC recommendations have changed, Texas Education Agency guidelines currently state that students are under a 10-day quarantine period if they test positive for COVID. If those guidelines change, GISD will amend our protocols and notify of the changes.

Thank you for your understanding as we continue to monitor the situation and navigate these trying times.